A friend of mine was there teaching–through a non-profit organization called Indonesia Mengajar (or in the English translation, Indonesia Teaches). So, I took advantage of that and asked if I could visit his village of 200 people. I decided to also volunteer as an English tutor for the three weeks I was there.

Indonesia Mengajar’s goal is to fulfill the nation’s founding fathers’ promise of declaring the nation’s independence through spreading out quality education all over Indonesia. Since their start in 2009, they have sent out thousands of newly college graduates to some of the most remote areas in Indonesia, to become an elementary school teacher for a year.

I had one of the best times of my life exploring the surrounding islands with the kids, getting to know the wonderful community of Tarak, and teaching the kids English. This gallery is a collection of my favorite shots I took during my short time in the village of Tarak. Although my time there was short, the kindness and love of the Tarak people will last me a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the experience. 


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