Finding peace amongst the madness

March 27, 2015

Life has been pretty hectic for me for the last few months. Starting with summer, I went on a 3 month long crazy adventure in Indonesia. Immediately when I arrived back in Minnesota, I had to start my second year of college. It was hard to find some time to relax and do the things that I enjoy the most (which you may or may not know, it’s photography and exploring the outdoors). 

I had a conversation with my boyfriend Connor a couple weeks ago about religion and simplicity in life. His view on the comforts of life inspired me to write a blog post about  finding my own personal peace. But what good is it if I just write about it and not live it?

Last week was spring break and I told myself I would go out of town for a couple days just to get away. I told myself when I do, I would leave my phone at home and have absolutely no access to the internet, but of course, I’m a teenager and I brought my phone with me. That urge to want to document and share my adventures to everyone on all the social platforms still sits deep in me. But that’s totally okay! Half the time I couldn’t even get service. 

Halfway through my break, my mom and I rented a cabin 50 miles north of Duluth, it was on the lakeshore of Lake Superior and it was absolutely beautiful. I realized now that I took only one picture of the property with my phone, my bad. But it is the cutest little place. And of course, I posted some of my hikes on Snapchat and Instagram

I went exploring by myself most of the time while my mom was just waiting in the car. She wasn’t really feeling the hike while we were there. It gave me a chance to get lost (in the wild!) and I think it’s so important to take some time alone with yourself. Like Thoreau said, “not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” And it’s so true. I was the only person at Palisade Head and it felt so incredible. I just laid there on the edge of the cliff listening to the great Lake Superior, the trees, the wind like they’re  talking to me.  

It’s so refreshing to just enjoy the simple things. Life can get crazy and complicated. Take a moment  for some solitude. And for me to be alone with nature was how I found my peace. So how did you find yours? If you haven’t yet, I hope this post somehow inspired you. Let me know in the comments! 

And I end this post with a quote from Connor: 

“I may not be the most religious person around, but I believe in a comfort of a different kind. If you want to call It God, go ahead. I can look at a mountain in the distance and feel I have thanks to give it for being there and the safety it provides me. The water down by the shore is there for a reason… The water that flows into the river. I love the joy it brings me. I look to the sky and the stars above and just keep wondering, this is my body on this earth and my own mind. No ones else’s. I love the people in my life and their journey and the people that want to be a part of mine.”


This made me cry.

Aw love you <3


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