I'm Menique

and I'm a/an environmentalist // outdoor enthusiast // professional third-wheel

Growing up on the islands of Indonesia exposed me to more natural wonders than I could count. Before I even learned how to walk, my mom had me in a backpack and along for the ride on all her crazy adventures, from hiking trips to camping on top of mountains to class-4 white water rafting trips.

But as crazy as it was to put a baby through that, I know it made me who I am. Spending my childhood in an environment like that is definitely what fueled my passion for adventure photography. I grabbed a camera for the first time when I was seven, and never looked back.

I believe that photography, when done right, always tells a story. My strength is in capturing raw, powerful moments and emotions, taking advantage of natural poses and lighting to create beautiful, genuine images.

I am currently based in Boulder, Colorado but I am willing to travel out of state—or even out of the country—to work with clients (and to satisfy my wanderlust, let’s be real...)

Some fun facts about me —

I have lived in three countries (Indonesia, China, and USA)
and I speak four languages (English, Indonesian, Javanese, and French)
I was studying Environment & Sustainability before I dropped out, and I am still super passionate about it
Climbing and yoga are my favorite type of workouts
All my friends call me Tiny

My love for the mountains grew from long-distance hiking. My dream is to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail and the Te Araroa Trail.

Now, it’s YOUR turn. Tell me your story and how you love each other, and I promise to capture it.