Cally + Albert // Snowy Woods in Northern Minnesota

February 13, 2019

I met Cally through a college friend a few months ago. She was my waitress at a restaurant I used to go to all the time and I asked her, “Hey! Aren’t you Danielle’s friend? I’ve seen photos of you with her!” and that’s how we became acquainted of each other. Fast forward to a few weeks later, Cally’s boyfriend Alb was in Duluth and I got to photograph these two cuties and then they bought me a drink and we played Bananagrams and shared our life stories. I had the best time with them!

Cally and Albert met at the Minnesota State Fair and she basically fell in love with his flute playing skills. Albert is in this super awesome band called “Tank and the Bangas” based in New Orleans, you should check ‘em out! I love these two goofy kids. I hope you enjoy looking through all these photos as much as I did!



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