Taryn and Cam’s Hartley Park Couple Session

April 13, 2018

Back in January, in my Communications class, I noticed this girl open her laptop and started editing some wedding photos in Lightroom. My immediate reaction was, “OMG SHE’S A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TOO, I NEED TO STALK HER ON SOCIAL MEDIA.” I couldn’t find her because I didn’t know her name.. until a few weeks later we got put into groups and forced to talk to each other. After that, Taryn and I started talking about photography and basically became photog BFF’s. 

Last weekend, we planned on having a beautiful April weather but Minnesota decided that winter is still here to stay. So, all three of us went out and braved the cold. I should also note that our university hockey team was playing in the final for national champions that same night, so we did NOT want to miss that (and yes we won!) We were out for about 15 minutes until I couldn’t feel my hands anymore but I am so glad we caught a little bit of that sunset!



What beautiful golden light and a sweet couple.

What a beautiful adventure!!! Love the love and connection between these two!

This is such a beautiful winter session! Inspires me to visit Duluth and hang in the snow!

The story of how y’all met is awesome!! They look like such a fun couple!! Snowy day dreams right there! Great job!

This couples adventure session is so much fun! I love all the snow in Minnesota, it creates the perfect backdrop!

This couple was so adventurous to have their session in the snowy wonderland!! I love it!

Wow this adventure session is so gorgeous!! Snowy session goals for sure!

I edit in my law school classes too! Hilarious. Wedding photographer life never ends! I love how this session has such variety with the simple landscape.

Such a cute, adventurous couple! Winter in Northern Minnesota is beautiful.

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